Prices & Surcharges

If you have a shipment that you want to send professionally and safely, you can use the services of our company. We take care of your shipment for a competitive price.

What does a transport cost?

The exact amount you pay for a transport depends on a number of factors. Of course, the weight and the size of the shipment determine the costs, but the number of kilometers also has an influence on the total costs. Other factors that contribute to the price are:

Urgent/time critical (📞+386 70 284082)

We calculate the price per kilometer over the total distance. With the starting and ending point being the pick-up address of the goods. Unless otherwise agreed.

No urgency (Groupage)

In case of no urgency the price will be calculated per kilometer on a one way basis. Starting from the pickup address of the goods.

Prices (2022)

Passenger car: 0.50€/km

Documents and parcels up to 10 kg

Small van: 0.60€/km (L:195xB:166xH:139)

Max. 2 europallets, ± 750 kg

Mid-sized van: 0.70€/km (L:320xB:130xH:183)

Max. 4 europallets, 1000 kg

Large van: 0.90€/km (L:400xB:200xH:210)

Max. 8 europallets, 1000 kg

Also possibilities for caravan, boat and car transport. Please contact us for more information. (

Waiting costs

For the time the driver has to wait at the pick-up or delivery address, we apply a waiting fee. This fee starts half an hour after the agreed time.
The waiting fee is €8 per 15 minutes.

Fuel surcharge (May 2022)

Current diesel surcharge: 5%

Additional costs

Tunnels/bridges, ferries, toll, customs clearance, hotel.

No evening or weekend surcharges.

Transport insurance

Because every shipment is valuable to both sender and receiver, we always have your goods transported by a skilled driver. Your shipment is insured for theft, loss and damage.

Price drivers recruitment

On request (+386 70 284082)